The rich diversity of vegetation, geology, and climate in far northern California make Siskiyou County a haven for hundreds of bird species - and a prime destination for birders.

The Klamath Basin Refuges in eastern Siskiyou County are home to the largest concentration of Bald Eagle in the lower 48 states. Wetlands abound with waterfowl migrating on the Pacific Flyway during the spring and fall, and the wide variety of habitat and species mean you can see nesting Greater Sandhill Cranes; Swainson's and Red-tailed hawks; Northern Harriers; Golden Eagles; Prairie Falcons and many others.

Birding Resources

Klamath Basin Birding Trails This website provides maps and detailed information about the stops along the Klamah Basin Birding Trail.

Tulelake and Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuges ((800) 344-9453 or Six national wildlife refuges, three state wildlife areas, and thousands of acres of private farmlands provide excellent birding.

The Shasta Valley Wildlife Area ((530) 459-3926 - near Montague) offers excellent year-round birding, with a habitat similar to the Butte Valley areas.

Shasta Trinity National Forest offers more than 200 species (including Bald Eagle, Spotted Owl, and Peregrine Falcon, as well as strong population of Stellars and Scrub Jays, Acorn, Downy, Hairy, Nuttalls and Pileated Woodpeckers, Black-capped, Mountain and Chestnutbacked Chickadees, Western Tanager, and several species of warblers)

Other Birding Links

Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges... a comprehensive web site from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Birding in Northern California... on the Real Birds web site, where you'll find updates of the California Rare Bird Alert

Winter Birding In The Klamath Basin ...a thumbnail guide by Don Baccus from an article in Oregon Outside magazine.

Great Basin Visitor Association: 724 Main #208, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601. 541 883-7456 Fax: 541 883-5294

Information Center for the Environment... searchable database from U.C. Davis. Select Lava Beds National Monument to find species lists for birds, as well as mammals, plants and others.

Bird Checklist ...for the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges from the USGS.

Joe Morlan's California Birding Pages... from the Ornithology Instructor at City College of San Francisco...including the fascinating Recent Rarities Photo Gallery for California and other western states.

California's Natural Resources... a web site web developed by the California Resources Agency.

Watchable Wildlife... pages from the California Department of Fish and Game.

Birding around McCloud... the forests, streams, and meadows surrounding the little town of McCloud offer excellent summer birding in a gorgeous mountain setting.

The Nature Conservancy's California web site ...with information about the McCloud River Preserve.

National Audubon Society... a non profit organization dedicated to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

Audubon/California... the state-level site of the National Audubon Society.

Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center... a site dedicated to fostering greater understanding, appreciation, and protection of the grand phenomenon of bird migration.