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Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway - All American Road
Along this 500 mile journey from volcano to volcano you will find opportunities for adventure, exploration, communion with nature and an appreciation for the culture and history of the region. You will also find residents eager to share the beauty and mystery of this land that is dotted with evidence of an eruptive past.

The northern end of the byway is capped by Crater Lake National Park in Oregon where mysteries of the earth's interior are studied. Along the Byway you will see fantastic sites - the slopes of Mount Shasta jutting above the valley floor to the summit at 14,179 feet, curtains of water showering over basalt cliffs at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, and lands riddled with remains of underground magma conduits at Lava Beds National Monument. The southern end of the byway begins at California's Lake Almanor, just miles from the active geothermal features at Lassen Volcanic National Park. Office 1-866-722-9929

The River Exchange
This a non-profit organization located in Dunsmuir, California that promotes healthy watersheds in Siskiyou County through stewardship, restoration, education, and community involvement.We began as a project of the City of Dunsmuir in 1996, created in the aftermath of the disastrous Cantara Loop railroad spill that destroyed all plant and animal life along a thirty-six mile stretch of the Upper Sacramento. Since that time we have grown into an independent and self-sustaining organization. Along the way, we have taught thousands of schoolchildren about the importance of rivers, and how to be good stewards of their watersheds.

We have also organized dozens of community events around watershed stewardship, participated in numerous restoration projects throughout the region, and created partnerships with federal, state and local agencies, other conservation groups, and the business community. Each year the River Exchange hosts the Great River Clean-up in the fall, and the River Celebration! in late spring. We also host a series of informational gatherings on watershed sustainability. Office 530-235-2012

Collier Interpretive & Information Center
Located on the banks of the scenic Klamath River just south of the Oregon border in California and immediately accessible to/from I-5, the Center is a "Port of Entry" for travelers into the Greater Northwest, as well as California. The Center is open year-round, seven days a week, and staffed by experienced information specialists. The Center provides information to travelers from all 50 states and many countries. The Center receives over one million visitors per year. Center 530-475-3814

Shasta Cascade Wonderland Assoication
The Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association is Northern California Travel & Tourism Information Network. They promotes rural tourism in the Shasta Cascade region. This region, covering 20% of California, has a unique experience to fulfill just about anyone’s interests. From glistening lakes and world-class rivers to scenic drives and backcountry roads, the Shasta Cascade provides something for everyone to discover and enjoy. Start planning your vacation now by exploring the website, calling 1-800-326-6944, or download the online Visitors Guide below.

Southern Oregon Visitors Association
Southern Oregon is home to world-class fishing and rafting rivers, mountains for skiing, biking and hiking, and green valleys that produce award-winning wines. It's also home to North America's deepest lake and Oregon's only National Park, Crater Lake, which graces the back of Oregon's state quarter. From the valleys to the high desert, wildlife and nightlife share space. Southern Oregon is home to a pair of well-known attractions - the Britt Music Festival and Ashland's Oregon Shakespeare Festival - and to dozens of museums, art galleries, theaters, antique malls and tax-free shopping.

Klamath Birding Trails
Imagine millions of geese swirling as far as the eye can see over vast wetlands, whose silhouettes form astonishing patterns against snowy mountain vistas. Or marvel at the "water dance" of courting grebes as they run in tandem across sparkling lakes. The Klamath Basin is renowned for its wide diversity and abundance of bird life due to its diverse habitats including marshes, open water, coniferous forest, Juniper woodlands, oak-chaparral, sagebrush-grasslands, grassy meadow and rocky cliffs. The Klamath Basin is a bird lovers paradise as over 350 species of birds call this major Pacific. 1-800-445-6728.