Siskiyou County isn't a place to just "go." It's a place to explore and discover everything from the recreational paradise of snowcapped Mt. Shasta to pristine mountain lakes and rivers, majestic forests, miles of backcountry, and yes - even more "civilized" places (like our festivals and art galleries).

Whether you're looking for a social experience or a solitary adventure, you'll find it right here in Siskiyou County.

Winter Spring



Professional Production Services (PROPS):
Siskiyou Media Council
Music: Scott Durbin and Anton Mizerak
Voice Over:
Paul Boerger
Contributing Photographers: Carol Baker, Chris Carr, Tom Chandler, Cindy Diaz, Paul Boerger, Mark Gibson, Mike Hupp, Kevin Lahey, Terry Lawhon, LaWanda Wilson, JBM Schrievers