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Climb Mt. Shasta

Standing tall at 14,162 feet, majestic Mt. Shasta is the most well known geographic point in Siskiyou County. It offers year-round opportunities for recreation including climbing for expert and novice hikers. Experienced hikers and those led by guides traverse to the very top of the mountain where a 360 degree view of the landscape below can be described as nothing short of breathtaking.



Fish Siskiyou County, California

If you’re looking for fishing, you’ve come to the right place. Siskiyou County offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities for novice to expert fishermen. Whether you’re looking for a quiet day lake fishing or a chance to get waist deep in the river to fly fish, Siskiyou County is a great place to cast your line.

For more information about permits, limits, locations and more, visit the California Department of Fish and Game online. You can also find more information about fishing in Siskiyou County from the Klamath National Forest website.

Siskiyou County remains a premier destination for fishermen, and why not? The McCloud River is famous the world over for its spirited, gorgeous redband trout, and the Upper Sacramento River remains a favorite for its miles and miles of easy access.

The Klamath River’s steelhead still quicken the pulse, and a variety of other rivers, small streams, reservoirs and alpine lakes attract conventional and fly fishermen alike.

Fishing, after all, is something we do not just to catch fish, but for the places it takes us - and few places are prettier than Siskiyou County.

Seasonal Fishing Opportunities

While fishermen of all stripes (conventional and fly fishing enthusiasts) come to Siskiyou County during the spring and summer, many overlook its fall and winter fishing potential.

While many alpine lakes become unreachable, the Upper Sacramento River remains open to angling after the general trout season ends (catch & release only), and its abundant BWO hatches and streamer fishing opportunities can provide excellent fishing for those who keep an eye on flows.


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Camping in Siskiyou County

In addition to being home to a portion of the famous Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), Siskiyou County is home to wonderful camping and hiking opportunities for individuals, families and large groups. From day hikers to backpackers Siskiyou County provides endless miles of trails, mountain lakes and beautiful vistas to explore. For more information about camping permits, locations and local information visit the Klamath National Forest online.